Benefits Under Your Fingertip

Leak Detection and Alerts

Get real-time alerts when you have a leak, abnormal water usage, and more


Fastens up against your water meter in seconds without any plumbing.

24/7 Water Monitoring 

Have peace of mind that you do not have a leak or running water, wherever you are.



The MeterDog™ is a remote water monitoring and leak detection device that provides actionable water use information and alerts directly to your phone and computer. MeterDog™ technology protects your entire property from catastrophic damages by detecting leaks early with real-time information.

Real-time leak detection: Remotely monitors water movement around the clock, alerting users of drips and leaks. 

Water awareness: Gives users the ability to interact with and recognize water usage and habits that typically go unnoticed

Property protection: Monitor every drop that comes onto the property through the water meter, ensuring the property is leak-free 

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Avoid catastrophic leaks before they drain your account

Leaks are bound to happen, but with MeterDog you can know before they grow and cause expensive surprises. Get instant leak alerts from your entire property - indoors and outdoors.

Remote leak detection and water monitoring

Monitor your water in real-time with high resolution data and alerts. MeterDog has an app and a dashboard to hone in on your water usage and leaks. 

Become Water Smart

Understand your water usage, loss, and more across your entire property

Give yourself peace of mind and the confidence in knowing your properties are leak-free and water efficient.

Manage multiple properties from your devices anywhere in the world

Put the power in your hands with high-resolution remote water monitoring and leak detection. technology.

Protecting our most precious resource

Together, we can solve the water issues we face with knowledge and water awareness. MeterDog puts the power in your hands to make a difference.


American Made

We are committed to bringing the most advanced and high-quality products to our consumers and are proud to be manufacturing here in the United States of America at the Morey Corporation in Woodridge, Illinois. Recently they have been highlighted by CNBC as the desire for American-made products continues to soar. 


Leak Alerts - 24/7 Water Monitoring  - Self-Installation

For inside the home

For pools and spas

For outside and irrigation